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                     Advanced Technical Training       
 An all-in-one technology specialist. I can teach you about computers, cell phones, internet, and Audio Video, as well as fix issues. I am a graduate of Western Washington University and have a minor in web design and a certification in web content development. I took about half of the Computer Science major at Western Washington University. Throughout my life, I have been working with computers for over 30 years and have been programming since Elementary school. I also had an electronics training program in high school.
Recently, I have upgraded my own computer to make a gaming computer. This has given me the knowledge to work on computer hardware and fix most computer or technical issues, and I can also help with teaching people how to use their computers, cell phones, video equipment, audio equipment, tablets, and other devices.

                      Friendly Service Person
Having had many classes in Communication, I am a very patient and friendly tutor for people that I am helping. I also have experience with helping the elderly with technology and I can explain concepts in easy-to-understand language for people wanting to learn more about their computers and devices. Fixing devices has been my hobby for many years, and I can show you how to fix it yourself if you encounter the same problem again.

           Services offered include but not limited to :
   *Computer hardware and upgrades      *WordPress
*virus removal     *Adobe and Microsoft products
*computer optimization   *web page usability testing
                *setting up WiFi networks.                      *Create a website for you or your business   
       *Setting up video and audio equipment
*computer tutoring   *Troubleshooting computer issues
*Technical Writing      *Tutoring Math and English
* Making your computer run faster     *Debugging* 
*Helping with personalizing your computer for your specific needs

                                 Located Nearby
Local computer specialist and I charge significantly less than computer repair businesses and electronics stores to repair technology problems.For tutoring or repairs, please call to schedule an appointment. I can either work on-site or we can figure out a way for me to do the repairs or tutoring for you. 

                      Your satisfaction guaranteed.                                  

    *Reasonable rates and will charge by the job at a price that we agree upon.     

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                                          Ian Brooks
                         360-671-6831 or text 360-820-4849 

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